Homemade Baby Food

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With all the talk these days about hormones and preservatives in everyday foods, most people are now thinking a lot more about what is going into their bodies. As a new mom it has also made me focus a great deal on what is being put into my daughter’s body. Teaching healthy eating habits begins as soon as your baby is old enough to begin eating solids. I have focused a lot of time and energy to find the ideal cooking and storage techniques in order to make healthy, delicious foods for my daughter. All of this information has been very useful to make the process of introducing new foods to my daughter a more enjoyable experience.

I have provided for you the most useful information that I have found in my search, along with tips that I have come up with from my own personal experiences.

Where to Begin– what to do before feeding your infant solids

Tools– a few useful tools to have for preparing foods

Selecting Ingredients-choosing the best ingredients for your baby food

Best methods of Preparation– the healthiest cooking methods

Storage– How to store homemade baby food

Great First Foods and Purees

Avocado doesn’t require any cooking and is my daughter’s favorite and a great first food. Ripe bananas can also be served raw and can be mashed and thinned to the desired consistency.

Vegetable Purees

Meat Purees


These are some easy recipes that my daughter has enjoyed in her journey into solid foods. Always introduce only one new food at a time to watch for allergies, but once a food has passed the test you can use your imagination to combine any number of purees to create new flavors. Tip: Don’t make a large batch of any puree that your child hasn’t already tried and liked. It can be surprising how picky an infant can be.

Apple and Oat Cereal– 6-8 months

 Sweet Potatoes and Apples– 6-8 months

Oat and Banana Baby Cookies– 8-10 months

Chicken and Apples– 8-10 months

Personal Tips These are things that I have learned from my experiences that I wish someone had told me.

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