Preparation methods for baby food

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There are a wide variety of methods for preparing foods for your little one. The best method is generally to steam fruits and vegetables so that most of the nutrients are retained. Microwaving is also a great way to cook foods without losing many nutrients. Boiling and baking are other methods that are fine to use, but will allow more nutrients to be lost in the cooking process.

My favorite foods to use for baby foods require minimal cooking which is a time saver and retains more nutrients. Fruits and berries often require little to no cooking. Ripe pears are perfect as they are and berries can often be pureed raw as well. Simply clean your fruits or berries and puree in a blender or food processor.

I have included recipes in the homemade baby food section that can use any of these different methods of cooking. I would suggest steaming most foods for the first time they will be introduced to your little one. If he isn’t a big fan the first time try a different cooking technique. Some foods such as apples and sweet potatoes will have a sweeter taste when baked and may be something that your little one will enjoy more.

Always be sure to start with a clean work area and frequently wash your hands and clean the cooking area as needed. Foodbourne illnesses are always a concern and can be a much greater risk for infants than they are for adults.

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